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Get Hooked on Fishing is open to those wishing to gain additional youth work or angling experience and knowledge on a voluntary basis. Please contact Denise directly for further information.

Praise for GHOF Flintshire

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On Friday evening I visited the 'Get Hooked on Fishing' project run by Allan Ellis of Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association along with a great bunch of volunteers and officers who all give up their free time for the project. A total of 25 youngsters were there on Friday, some with parents but in the main on their own and all really enthusiastic about the job in hand - fishing! Some of the youngsters there are well known to the police for causing anti -social behaviour in and around the towns they live. I went to see them at about 4:30pm, by which time they were just about ready to hit the water. Boys CatchThey told me that they would be fishing until about 7.30pm and by the time they packed up and got home it would be nearer 8.30pm. This is just the time that problems with youngsters and anti-social behaviour peak and so the project is an excellent way to divert them from causing problems whilst at the same time it gives them a new skill and hobby that they can continue to enjoy long after they leave the scheme. I am very grateful to the hard work of the team delivering 'Get Hooked on Fishing' and hope it continues for many years. I was very pleased with what I saw on Friday and think it is an excellent project.


Get Hooked on Fishing Flintshire is launched

July 13th was the launch date for GHOF’s new scheme in Wales – hoped to be the first of many. GHOF Flintshire is an initiative of Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association (FNWA). A grant from the Environment Agency, Wales, has helped with the set-up costs and Redrow Homes provided the venue for a fishing event to mark the occasion, with local youngsters from Ewloe joined by GHOF ‘veterans’ from Liverpool GHOF. Lady Janet Jones JP DL, the High Sheriff of Clwyd, declared GHOF Flintshire officially open by cutting a ‘fish ribbon’ at the ponds.


The project will benefit from support from Get Hooked on Fishing and excellent links have already been established with GHOF Liverpool, itself part of North Liverpool Positive Futures. The Flintshire co-ordinator, Allan Ellis, a keen fisherman and existing employee of FNWA, will deliver the scheme as part of the FNWA’ s ‘Y Factor’ Youth Engagement Programme. The GHOF activities will enable local young people to grow in confidence, teach each other good fishing and conservation practices and enjoy themselves.

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