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Family Fishing

Family Fishing 2014

Do you fancy a day out with the family with lots of different family fun activities? Would you like to introduce a member of your family or friend to the pleasures of fishing? Or are you a beginner, an existing angler or returner who would like to be introduced to fishing. Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, then why not come along to one of Get Hooked on Fishing's Family Fishing Fun Days. We've got events running all over the UK in the coming months.  See below for dates, venues etc....



Friday 18th April 2014.  11am - 4pm,  GHOF Ealing, Northala Fields UB5 6UR,  

Call Grant: 07969645201 or James: 07837980210 


Friday 25th April.  11am - 4pm.  Get Hooked on Fishing Worcestershire, Cob House Fishery, Worcester Road WR6 6YE

Call Dave: 07854239721 or Karl: 07724461450


Tuesday 27th May.  11am - 4pm.  Middleton Park, Leeds 

Call Frankie: 07800855709 or Sarah: 07525255572


Sunday 29th June.  11am - 4pm.  Barnwell Country Park, Northamptonshire

Call James: 07791786251


Thursday 12th & Friday 13th July 2014.  11am - 4pm, Cudmore Fisheries, Staffordshire

Call Sarah: 07525255572


Sunday 20th July 2014.  11am - 4pm,Ducklington Lake,  Oxfordshire

Call Danny: 07854240368 or Ian: 07821400435


Sunday 26th July 2014.  11am - 4pm, Aston Park Fisheries, Sheffield

Call Frankie: 07800855709


Friday 8th August 2014.  11am - 4pm, National Glass Centre, Sunderland

Call Dave: 07854239715 or Darren: 07940251059


Saturday 9th August 2014, 11am - 4pm, Bradshaw Hall Fisheries, Bolton

Call Darren: 07791164921 or Bridget 07908856661


Saturday 16th August 2014, 11am - 4pm, Apex Leisure & Wildlife Park, Somerset

Call Dean: 07854239731


Sunday 17th August 2014, 11am - 4pm, GHOF Ealing, London 

Call Grant: 07969645201 or James: 07837980210


Saturday 6th September 2014. 11am - 4pm, Aspley Locks,  Hertfordshire

Call James: 07854239725 or Sam: 07548737624