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Greenwood Academy Project Success

It's always great to hear GHOF success stories, however it's especially poignant when an article gets published in a school's bulletin, which was in fact the case recently at Greenwood Academy, Ayrshire ...

"Pupils from Greenwood Academy recently took part in a fishing project organised through the "Get Hooked on Fishing Charity". The programme comprises of 3 modules in total and the young people of Greenwood Academy successfully completed module 1.

The aim of the programme is to help young people enjoy the sport of angling and to equip them with the skills to have the best life they can create for themselves. The programme took place at Eglinton Park, covered basic fishing and was delivered by qualified instructors and supervised by PC Milligan. The students also learned about the countryside code. The programme was delivered over 5 weeks which included completion of student work books and plenty of "hands on fishing". The students were well behaved and were a credit to the school. They enjoyed the experience and have expressed an interest in completing module 2 which is more advanced. Well done to all those involved."

Further testament of GHOF's excellent work with schools.