Silver Bream (Blicca Bjoerkna)


Silver Bream (Blicca Bjoerkna)

Silver Bream are moderately deep bodied with a high back and flattened from side to side. The head is small, scaleless, and the eye is moderately large. Dorsal fin short based and high, anal fin long based with 21-23 branched rays. Body scales moderately large, 44-48 in the lateral line.

Silver Bream coloration, light olive brown on the back, sides brilliant silver. Fins are dusky except for the pectoral and pelvic fins which are orange with grey tips.


Silver Bream are most abundant in large, slow flowing rivers and their flood plains, often found in resevoirs and flooded gravel pits.


Feeds in mid water on planktonic crustaceans, and on insect larvae, on vegetation, and also on the bottom on a variety of invertabrates.


Spawns amongst plants in summer in small schools. The yellowish eggs stick to the plant leaves.


Can be found in many stillwaters and some rivers. The current UK silver bream record is 15oz's.

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