Fishingmegastore Supports GHOF

Fishingmegastore have long supported Get Hooked on Fishing. This is because they are passionate about getting kids and families into fishing and helping young people improve self-confidence and self-esteem. In fact, Fishing Megastore are always looking to support initiatives that promote the sport of fishing, so Fishingmegastore Champions the Angling Trust to improve our waterways and to create sustainable fisheries.  Fishingmegastore's support is invaluable and they contribute on many levels, ultimately helping us to reach out to an ever increasing number of young people, some – not all – coming from disadvantaged areas and challenging socio-economic circumstances. The net result is giving Get Hooked on Fishing greater scope in creating opportunities and alternative pathways that lead participants towards positive life choices and outcomes.

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Fishingmegastore Trustee Support

Paul Devlin is Acting Chair of Get Hooked on Fishing Trustees and Managing Director of Glasgow Angling Centre's Fishing Megastore. He is also a keen angler himself and has fished all over the world for Tarpon, Salmon, Pike, Perch, Giant Trevally and Bonefish. He brings to GHOF an expertise gained in developing his business into the largest retailer of fishing gear in the UK and this experience is a valuable asset in promoting, networking and bolstering the GHOF brand.

Through his many contacts in the trade and long established credibility and reputation, Paul has been instrumental in attracting high profile names in the sport to contribute their time and resources to Get Hooked on Fishing. People such as Keith Arthur who is well known to many as the presenter of Tight Lines on Sky Sports and Matt Hayes, one of the UK's best known anglers and host of over 200 Angling programmes including: The Great Rod Race, The BBC's Earth's Wildest Waters – The Big Fish (alongside Ben Fogle) and the 24 Hour Rod Race with Mick Brown. Additionally Paul has also helped bring Ken Brewster to the organisation. Ken is the sales and marketing Director for Pure Fishing UK, the company responsible for brands including: Shakespeare, Hardy, Greys, Abu Garcia, Penn, Chub and Berkley. Ken represents Pure Fishing's interest in GHOF by providing support and assistance to projects across all fishing disciplines. 

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Fishingmegastore Supporting Family Fishing

With fishing megastore being one of Europe's largest fishing tackle retailers, selling thousands of fishing rods, fishing reels and fishing tackle items per year and their extensive network of suppliers and brands, they have been able to support get hooked on fishing's Family Fishing initiative. These are free fishing sessions open to families across the whole of the UK where beginners, existing anglers or returners would like to be introduced – or re-introduced – to fishing. It's a fun day out for all the family and with the help of Fishingmegastore, we have been able offer free fishing tackle to participants during these sessions. 2015 was a busy year for family fishing with events running in towns and cities all across the UK including: London, Newcastle, Glasgow, Sheffield and Bristol to name but a few and we are able to reach out to more and more young people and families with the help and support of Fishingmegastore.  

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Free Tuition for Young People at Fishingmegastore

Moving fishing forward has always been a priority for Fishingmegastore. In fact, Fishingmegastore champions the work of the Angling Trust and twice a year Fishingmegastore host the biggest and best free angling event in the UK with some of the biggest names in fishing in attendance. Famous faces such as Matt Hayes, Mick Brown, Jan Porter, Hywel Morgan, Scott MacKenzie, Ian Gordon and Ant Glascoe, to name but a few, are available over the weekend to offer tips and advise on all the latest tackle. GHOF also regularly attends to facilitate free tuition for kids including: how to set up a rod, fly casting, spinning, pole fishing, float fishing, feeder fishing and Salmon Fly Casting. It's during these events that most of the stars give up their time to offer tips and tuition to kids. For example we had Ian Gordon from Hardy Greys teaching Get Hooked on Fishing participants how to Spey Cast and Stevie Munn, also of hardy Greys, teaching young kids how to fly cast. This is an example of how committed fishingmegastore is in helping kids get inspired by the best anglers in the sport and to help them get into fishing.  These open weekends are an excellent opportunity for GHOF in achieving it's aims and objectives and to serve as an excellent platform to get more kids into fishing.

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Overall, GHOF are fortunate to have a great team of people underpinning it's day to day running, including an excellent management team that is passionate about helping young people achieve their potential, top class coaches, mentors, and facilities. However fishingmegastore's contribution is significant and by working in partnership with GHOF, we can work together to encourage and support not just the next generation of anglers but a positive alternative for young people.